Ø 30 / 40 / 50 / 80 / 115 / 135 / 145 / 150 / 190 cm

Light Source:

High power light source, CRI>90, 224 LED/m
Ø30cm LED 18W 24V dc 3000K 2016Lm
Ø40cm LED 24W 24V dc 3000K 2674Lm
Ø50cm LED 30W 24V dc 3000K 3248Lm
Ø80cm LED 46W 24V dc 3000K 4984Lm
Ø115cm LED 63W 24V dc 3000K 6804Lm
Ø135cm LED 70W 24V dc 3000K 7560Lm
Ø145cm LED 75W 24V dc 3000K 8050Lm
Ø150cm LED 77W 24V dc 3000K 8288Lm
Ø190cm LED 88W 24V dc 3000K 9380Lm

High efficiency light source, CRI>90, 147 LED/m
Ø30cm LED 17W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 1608Lm 4000K 1900Lm
Ø40cm LED 23W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2133Lm 4000K 2520Lm
Ø50cm LED 28W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2590Lm 4000K 3061Lm
Ø80cm LED 43W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 3975Lm 4000K 4697Lm
Ø115cm LED 59W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 5426Lm 4000K 6413Lm
Ø135cm LED 65W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6029Lm 4000K 7125Lm
Ø145cm LED 69W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6420Lm 4000K 7587Lm
Ø150cm LED 71W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6610Lm4000K 7811Lm
Ø190cm LED 80W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 7481Lm 4000K 8841Lm

For both: Power supply included in the ceiling rose
DALI/PUSH dimmable on request

The dimensions of the ceiling rose in the DALI /PUSH variant can be different

Modular customizable system
Special compositions available on request




Technical data sheet:

Ceiling rose dimensions for single Rings:
Ø 30, 40, 50, 80 cm: Ø 20 cm - h. 4 cm
Ø 115, 135, 145, 150 cm: Ø 26 cm - h. 4 cm
Ø 190 cm: Ø 33,5 cm - h. 4 cm

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