Zava press tour 2018

Data: 29 May 2018

Zava press tour: organized as part of the celebrations for the company's 35th anniversary, it has been the perfect opportunity to let journalists of the major italian design magazines that have consistently followed our work over the years know and discover Zava manufacturing skills.

Six journalists in total, referring both to magazines and to important interior design blogs: AD - Architectural Digest, Cose di Casa, DDN Design Diffusion, and

The program included a visit to the company production, with particular focus on the production of Paolo Ulian's NET lamp. Then, a moment reserved to conviviality and entertainment with a visit to Tipoteca | Press and Design Museum in Cornuda with dinner in the Museum's restaurant.

A successful initiative, able to enhance the peculiarities of our everyday work.

A really appreciated visit, such as the philosophy of the Zava world and the collaboration with important designers. Publications on the various magazines has followed, in particular:
- Zava, a beautiful Italian story _ Alessia Forte from Interior Break
- Zavaluce, custom lighting _ Fabio Massimo Donzelli for La Casa in Ordine