The rechargeable lamps by Zava Luce

Data: 09 Jun 2021

More than an invitation, a promise of reliability and functionality. The modern design that suits contemporary products, together with the high level luminous performances guaranteed by the LED light, make ZAVA Luce rechargeable lamps evocative travel and life companions.

The elegant Fenex,  with its essential lines and its evocative inverted goblet shape, it warms the room with a light that is now discreet and now diffused and lends itself as a precious centerpiece for lunches and dinners en plein air as by candlelight.

Medù is a precious source of lighting for different situations, from a light point for a romantic picnic in the park to a warm lantern that illuminates summer evenings to take with you thanks to the comfortable eco-leather strap. The solid bell and slender legs let the light shine through in an evocative game of contrasts.

And last but not least 024, rechargeable, versatile and with simple design. The cylindrical shape of the lamp body guarantees a comfortable grip and a firm grip, like a very modern flashlight to take with you on warm summer evenings or to accompany a quiet night reading in the open air.

All the Zava Luce rechargeable lamps  are equipped with an adjustable lighting system on three levels, for a soft, intense and vivid light. Each lamp comes with batteries and USB-C cable included. The battery lasts 8 hours at maximum level, 16 hours at intermediate level and 24 hours at minimum intensity level. Made with sturdy materials such as iron and aluminum, they guarantee solidity and durability, which is why they are the ideal lamps to be taken wherever you want.