The right lighting makes the difference, every day and even on vacation.

Data: 12 Jul 2021

A decorative element that animates spaces and give them a new personality. For your beach house, choose a vibrant light,  which fills the spaces with the discreet power of the led and the modern aesthethics of the Zava lamps, with an exclusive  design and surprising colors.

Andromeda designed by Paolo Ulian

Graceful and sculptural, Andromeda warms the room and illuminates it with her mere presence of scenic beauty. A laser-cut metal plate, then hand-folded following the hexagonal designs to recreate the idea of sinuous petals that move with the wind. Infinite formal compositions, available in three variants – floor, supsension and wall light –, in brass and colored metal.
Gold is the perfect piece of furniture for your beach house.

Arianna designed by Paolo Ulian

Colorful and original, Arianna reaches all parts of the house thanks to the electric cable coiled to form a reel to be unrolled at will. The bright colors and the industrial design make it a modern lamp suitable for large and contemporary. In table and wall versions, it livens up the rooms and attracts attention.
In blue color is perfectly suited to the marine style of the holiday home.

Cantiere designed by Alberto Ghirardello

industrial and chic, Cantiere revisits the world of technical lighting, transforming itself into a lamp with a contemporary personality. Indoor or outdoor light, to illuminate the garden and the swimming pool: it’s available both in the wall version and in the ground and adjustable version.
Carmine red contrasts with the neutral colors of the holiday houses.