A-Shade feautured in Trend Bible

Data: 22 Feb 2018

Trend Bible works with recognized and curious brands to predict future trends in home life. Whether it is social, cultural or driven by taste, the goal is to find out what the future trends will have an impact on our lives and our buying habits.

Predicting future trends and consumer behaviour help retailers and brands to create successful and inspiring commercial products in fashion, home interiors, beauty, food and consumer electronics. From here, biennial publications on trends forecasts in the Lifestyle area, with a focus on the home theme on the one hand and the kids theme on the other; we also offer tailor-made consulting services for interiors, kids lifestyle, beauty, food and consumer electronics. This is why we are so proud to share the selection of our A-shade, available as a suspension, wall lamp and table lamp, among the products included in the Trend Bible Baby & Kid's lifestyle - Autumn / Winter 2019/2020. Its simple and straightforward form designed by Douglas James Studio has conquered the Trend Bible team!